Privacy Note
of bbkus webservices, Owner Stefan Zerbst

By entering user data during registration prozess an entry in the customer data base of bbkus webservices will be created. bbkus webservices grants to Client that this data are only filed for the fulfilment of the contract purpose. A transfer of data to third parties for commercial use will not take place. bbkus webservices reserves the right to use data for statistical purposes. The exploitation of the data for statistical purposes shall only be effected by persons who committed themselves to secrecy. The results of the statistical analysis are made anonymous.

Client is entitled to request the deletion of his entries in the data base of bbkus webservices at any time. Client is aware that by deleting his entries from the data bank all his access entitlements and vouchers become lost. A duty of replacement of bbkus webservices to Client for damages caused by such deletion, especially the repayment of fees already paid shall, however, be excluded.

Cookies are used only as far as nessecary for the operation of the website. E.g. the language is saved and by using session data anonymously the last loaded site so that in case of login the site can be reloaded afterwards.

The legal provisions of data protection remain unaffected.

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