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Copyright Note
of bbkus webservices, Owner Stefan Zerbst

The owner of bbkus webservices, Stefan Zerbst, is the photographer of the photos displayed and, therefore, the owner of the related copyrights. He grants to Client the rights of use for the photos downloaded within the booked time period and visitors the rights of use of the thumbnails only for private use. Client shall not be entitled to process the photos and/or to put in circulation copies of these photos somehow or other against payment or free of charge. This includes private profile like Gayromeo.

Client shall be obligated to keep his access data a secret and to use the access to the booked websites and to download the displayed photos on his PC only for permitted purposes. He shall especially observe photographer's copyrights and the personal rights of the persons represented. Client is entitled to use the photos only for a private purpose. He shall explicitly not be entitled to treat, exploit, pass on or circulate the photos somehow or other.

All material on bbkus webpages is subject to the provisions of copyright law.

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